A hundred thousand thank yous!

This year’s Milwaukee Irish Fest was ambitious for our group as we undertook reviving not one, not two, but three dances for this year’s show! This meant many long nights of dance practice and many sore muscles the next morning leading up to actual event, but based on all the compliments we received, it was well worth the effort! And even though the weather was not always in our favor—we got rained out Friday—, our Saturday and Sunday shows still went as scheduled and without a hitch!

So, thank you everyone who came out in less than ideal weather to come see us dance, thank you Billy Mitchell Pipes and Drums for learning new songs to accompany us while we performed, and thank you all our dancers for your hard work to make this show the best it could possibly be!

As an aside, we’re asking anyone who has any favorite photographs or videos of us from this weekend to either message us directly via our Facebook account or, alternatively, via our e-mail account Social@CaledonianScottishDancers.com with the media files as well as your express permission that we can use your media on our Facebook account and/or our website. Who knows, your photos and/or videos may just end up in the slide show below!


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